Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Wanderlustingk: Borneo packing list - A realistic guide on what to bring to Borneo

Ever since watching National Geographic, I’ve dreamed of visiting Borneo. Borneo is HUGE, so when I finally got my chance to visit, I ended up focusing my time on visiting the Malaysian part of Borneo as well as Brunei as it was easier to get around. 

However, one does not simply land in Borneo without significant preparations and a well-thought packing list for Borneo.  Keep reading for tips on what to do before you leave for Borneo (including vaccinations and malaria tablets), what to pack for Borneo, and what you’ll definitely want to know about leeches in Borneo.

Included in this Borneo Packing List:

* Weather in Borneo
* Borneo Packing List for Two Weeks
* What to pack for jungle trekking in Borneo
* What you need to know about leeches in Borneo
* Medicines to bring with you before you visit Borneo
* Do you need malaria pills for Borneo

What's the weather in Borneo?

Keep mind that Borneo is actually composed of THREE countries (Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, and Malaysia) and it's a huge island.  Depending on where you are planning on visiting, the weather might be quite different.

?That said, on average, there's a dry and a rainy season.  Expect Borneo weather to be hot and humid with average temperatures in winter being about 27 degrees Celsius (81 F) and average temperatures in summer nearing 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees).  That said, the humidity is often an issue, so it will feel hotter than it is. I was constantly sweating through my clothes.

Rainy season in Borneo can bring a lot of rain, on average, over 400mm of rain in January/December, although the average drops significantly in summer and spring.  If you're trying to guarantee good conditions for trekking in Borneo, you might want to avoid rainy season.

Borneo Packing List for Two Weeks

Keep in mind that my itinerary for Borneo was a diverse one, including a mix of cities as well as trekking.  I’d say that I spent most of my trip out in nature although I stayed each night in a basic accommodation or hotel.

If your trip is more trekking intense, you might want to ask your tour guide on what is specifically needed for long-term trekking hikes as this Borneo packing list is more intended for people who intend to do daily day hikes rather than week-long trekking.

My trip was more nature focused with nine of our days spent doing day trekking in the Malaysian and Bruneian jungle with returning to our accomodation each night.  It wasn't continuous as I had never done jungle trekking before this trip and I wasn't sure how it would be.

The rest of the trip was split between city sightseeing in Malaysia (Sabah/Sarawak) and Brunei, paragliding in Ranau, and snorkeling off the coast. I did not do a week-long trek like some people, but you still might find some useful advice for your Borneo packing list here.