Friday, January 05, 2018

The Independent Dependent: Going wild in Borneo

Over the New Year, we escaped the city and went in search of wilderness in Borneo.

As nature lovers, this was the perfect way to welcome 2018.

This kind of trip is the exact reason we chose to move to Singapore.

Being an hours flight from what remains of the world’s rainforests is a huge privilege.

Under immense pressure from palm oil plantations, it is not lost on us that in ten years time there might be no rainforest left to see.

We chose to visit Bako National Park, the oldest national park in Sarawak which is the western park of Malaysian Borneo.

To get there, we loitered at a bus stop, eventually catching a bus from Kuching to Bako village, and from there a boat to the national park.

We were visiting in the low, technically monsoon season.

I’d heard stories of two metre high waves tossing the small boats around during the crossing.

It all looked calm from Bako village, but I popped a couple of motion sickness pills to be safe.

We were lucky – the waves were’t too bad, and my pills were doing their job well!

Apart from a tense moment when the boat engine cut out (there are crocodiles in these waters, to add to the excitement!), we arrived safely.

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