Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Traveling Gu - Borneo

Kota Kinabalu

Borneo, I feel not many people backpack there which is a damn shame its a amazing place.

Ample amount of wildlife, beaches, forests. It has been one of my top places in SE Asia.

We started out on Kota Kinabalu a city that doesn’t feel like a city.

It’s quiet and peaceful. There is a little market down by the pier, and it has 2 great shopping malls.

There was another market was just across the street from our hostel.

Now this market is questionable you have the area where everyone is selling goods, even dogs were being sold.

Then we entered the food section… cats, rabbits, frogs squashed into cages.. it was disturbing to say the least.

Mamutik Island

We decided to go hit one of the islands just off of Kota Kinabalu, so many to choose from the first ever survivor island would have been neat to go see but we decided on Mamituk island.

Its absolutely breath taking there, it wasn’t over run with tourists but there were enough and it was just a nice day at the beach.

Crystal clear blue water, and perfect white sand.

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