Friday, January 19, 2018

Soul searching in Kota Kinabalu

ISLAND hopping in Kota Kinabalu (KK), Malaysia, isn't really the highlight of our trip. It wasn't special and to be honest, I believe Philippines has better beaches.

But the beach person that I am, we went anyway. So here's an honest breakdown on our island hopping in KK.

While walking at the waterfront near the iconic Marlin Statue, Rovin (not his real name), a Filipino living in KK, approached us and offered us an island hopping tour.

Since it's a lot cheaper than the usual tours we found in the internet, we decided to get his number and go with him the next day.

He asked for 50 MYR per person per island. It's up to you what island you want to visit. We decided to visit the 4 main islands: Manukan Island, Sulug Island, Mamutik Island and Sapi Island.

Take note that Ruben isn't really a licensed tourist and that's why this way of island hopping is inexpensive. Are you willing to take the risk? If yes, message us if you want to get his number. You don't really need to book him months or weeks for the tour, tho.

Actually, you could just walk around the waterfront area and people like Rovin will walk up in front of you and offer you different kind of tours. There are a lot of people on this island.
There's a resort here. There's a part of the beach that I wanted to hang out at but it seemed that it was only for the customers that are staying in the resort.

The part of the beach for the day-tourers have a lot of stones and just plain meh. We didn't stay long here. Nicole swam and I just soaked in the heat of the sun and slept. It was nice tho.

If you're with the licensed tour, the entrance for the resort is inclusive with the payment (thus, expensive). Rovin just told us to walk pass the reception and go along with the flow of tourists.

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