Thursday, January 11, 2007

AirAsia’s 1 mil seats offer causes Net jam

IN RESPONSE TO QUERIES on AirAsia’s 1 million free seats campaign, Kathleen Tan, Executive Vice President said:

‘We are ecstatic with the overwhelming response to our 1 million free seats offer. In barely less than 24 hours of the campaign launch, our internet traffic has surged by 500 fold compared to a normal day.”

This irresistible free seats offer is taking the region by storm. We launched the campaign first to our 1 million online subscriber base from 4.00pm yesterday (Tuesday) to allow priority booking.”

“Today’s modern technology enhances the power of viral marketing through the use of internet and mobile phones, with news of our free seats campaign spreading like wildfire across Asia even before for South East Asia alone, we expect huge waves of internet traffic to our website which is surfed by users from over 200 countries.”

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