Thursday, January 11, 2007

We will return said Sandakan tourist survivors

SANDAKAN: The seven tourist survivors of the capsized boat incident at the Padas river mouth are undeterred by the experience and said they would make a return visit to Sabah.

Despite having their holiday cut short, their brief encounter with the many natural wonders of Sabah has convinced them that the state is worth a return visit.

The seven are Australians, Ross Weber, 27, Megan Johns, 23, Kimberly Cinpoy, 31, Prudence Vence, 29 and Suzanne Cliston who is a New Zealander permanently residing in Australia as well as British tourists Russell Holdsworth, 49, and Christina Grand, 58.

Reporters had the opportunity to speak to the survivors after Kimberly and Prudence were brought back to the mainland onboard the naval vessel KD Pahang at about 11.30am yesterday.

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