Thursday, January 11, 2007's clients escape Sandakan boat capsize

Re Sandakan Sea rescue drama, we learnt from our travel company, Colourful Frontiers Travel Sdn. Bhd. (license no. KPL/LN 4605) that about 4 to 5 of our clients were supposed to be in one of the boats of the ill fated trip.

A wife of a boatman drowned while 10 people, including seven foreign tourists, were rescued after the tour boat they were in capsized in the estuary of Sungai Padas at Libaran, Sandakan in tempestuous weather.

Our deepest condolence to the deseased family but we are extremely grateful that our clients put their own safety first and heeded the call not to continue with the excursion given the inclement weather. The safety of our clients is always a top priority.

The strong winds and high tide (50 to 60km per hour and rough seas with waves as high as 4.5 metres according to Sabah Meteorological Department) in waters off Sabah are expected to continue until the weekend.

If you are currently holidaying in Sabah, please take note and do take extra precaution.

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