Thursday, January 18, 2007

Traditional food-making, Papar’s main tourist attraction

PAPAR: Food manufacturing and traditional handicraft making continue to be the main attraction for tourists going to Papar.

District Officer, Iman Ali told the New Sabah Times that tour agents who bring in tourists to the district often bring them to view traditional food-making which are conducted at several different villages in the district.

“For instance, tourists are brought to a factory making ‘kuih cincin’ (cakes shaped like a ring), which is found a lot at local market grounds at Kampung Melugus in Papar,” he said.

He said that the factory has received a lot of tourists and his office has received requests to increase on the number of such establishments in the district.

In addition, the Papar district is also famous for its ‘gambus’, traditional guitar, he said.

“Tourists can view the making of the ‘gambus’ at Kampung Seri Serpang in Bongawan, Papar. Aside from that, we also have a yearly ‘Gambus Festival’ which is held every July,” he said.

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