Thursday, July 12, 2007

Culture and adventure in Sabah

AS we blazed our way through north Sabah and Labuan, we were stunned by the breathtaking landscape, the flora and fauna, intriguing cultures and different peoples that made our trip a thrilling experience.

The cultural extravaganza and adventure tour themed Mansau Ansau 3 (or sojourn in Kadazan-Dusun language) was organised by Tourism Malaysia in conjunction with Sabah Fest (May 3-4) and the closing of the Water Festival in Labuan in May.

Sabah Fest offered a rare view of all the ethnic groups of the State and a chance to share their music, songs, dances, arts and crafts.

The trip also took us to remote parts like Sungai Klias at Kuala Penyu where we cruised along the river to look for the elusive proboscis monkey. We looked like wet monkeys ourselves! But the heavy drizzle did not dampen our moods.

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