Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sarawak carrying out wide-scope of research on orang utan

KUCHING: Sarawak, which has taken a lead role in orang utan conservation work, is carrying out a wide-scope of research on the "wild man of the forest'' in Borneo.

The recently established Conservation Centre of Excellence for Orangutan Research is spearheading the comprehensive studies that cover the endangered species' behaviour (reproduction, diet, foraging, vocalisation and nesting), its ecology, population enhancement, habitat improvement and rehabilitation programmes.

Other activities are to compile an inventory of orang utan population, DNA studies, zoonotic diseases, visitors' impact study and eco-tourism programme.

Sarawak Forestry said the Conservation Centre of Excellence set up early this year in Nanga Delok, n the Batang Ai National Park in Sri Aman Division, had a research adminstration station to provide various facilities, like a research laboratory, telecommunication installations and accommodation for researchers.

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