Friday, August 24, 2007

Maliau's flora, fauna impress study group

Keningau: If the Maliau Basin in the heart of Borneo could attract an increasing number of foreign tourists, there is no reason why Malaysians in Sabah should not want to see more of their State.

This was the view of the leader of a multi-national group who recently visited the Maliau Basin.

He said not many Malaysians are aware of the presence of exotic flora and fauna in their surrounding areas. These species might have gone extinct in developed countries.

The group, comprising 15 Germans, Canadians and Peninsular Malaysians, as well as some locals, aged 25-45 years, recently went on a study tour of the Maliau Basin, after undertaking a 250-kilometre journey from Keningau.

German participant Christoph Haupt was thrilled by the number of encounters he made in the jungle, describing the plants, trees, animals and insects as "unique" considering that most of these species had gone extinct in other developed countries.

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