Thursday, August 16, 2007

11,000 Orangutans in Sabah now

KOTA KINABALU: Back in the year 1900, the Borneo had about 180,000 orangutans roaming in the wild.

Yet, last year, the Orangutan Population and Habitat Viability Analysis (PHVA) disclosed that there are only 41,000 of the primate left on our island.

Of the total, 11,000 of the population are found in Sabah, located on the northeastern tip of Borneo, of which 62 percent are believed to live outside protected areas, said Sabah Wildlife Department deputy director, Laurentius Ambu.

“About 6,800 individuals are believed to reside outside protected areas, while the remaining are found in Danum Valley (500), Tabin (1,400), Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary (1,125), Kulamba (500), Ulu Kalumpang Forest Reserve (150), Crocker Range National Park (180), Sepilok (200), Silabukan (60), Kinabalu National Park (50) and Maliau Basin (40),” he disclosed in his working paper entitled “Living in a Just World of Nature” at the Asia Pacific News Agency Organisation (OANA) workshop on Sustainable Forest Management.

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