Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Saying I do, Saying I do, beautifully at Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort, Sabah

By Anna Vivienne

A perfect romantic wedding is the dream of every woman. We want that perfect gown, the perfect pair of Cinderella shoes, and the perfect bouquet of flowers and of course the perfect setting. The ‘I do’ and the ‘look into my eyes’ look have to be done in a prefect setting.

It can be a soft glowing morning, a blazing sunset, a garden in full bloom or a quiet church. The couples’ parents will also hope for the same, no hysterics with the caterer, no screaming in the washrooms because of napkins or something like that….

In every wedding reception, even the most meticulously planned; there will be flaws and hiccups.

Shangri-la’s Rasa Ria Resort has the perfect solution for couples who wish to enjoy a stress free wedding. A perfect wedding means the right location, with the right ambience and the right settings for the couple.

Personally, my idea of perfect is what suits the couple best. After all you cannot say that a beach wedding will suit someone who don’t like the crashing of the waves and the wind messing up her perfectly coiffed hair.

But for those who love this type of ambience, Rasa Ria has just the place. The beautiful wedding pavilion. Actually, the pavilion looked a little forlorn during one of my visits there. At that time there was no wedding ceremony and it was bare of decorations.

The pavilion is actually readied and decorated like a bride itself when a ceremony is going to be held there. The flowers and vines cover the pillars and every utensil there. Chairs bedecked according to the clients’ requirement are places at the reception area.

After that the wedding ceremony will be carried out with all the trimmings one desire. Since the management created this service for their clients, they have arranged several unique wedding ceremonies successfully.

This includes a Malay wedding held especially for a Japanese couple. Actually they can carry out any type of weddings, including Kadazandusuns and Chinese. The clients only have to tell them and they will see to it that their (clients) hearts desires are fulfilled.

In Rasa Ria, there are two conventional packages you can choose from. There is the “Eternal Love’ packages. This is include the exclusive use of wedding pavilion, services of on-site wedding planner, basic flower arch, bouquet and corsage of for bride and groom, among others.

The other conventional package is ‘Rasa Ria Romance’. Among the items included in this package are use of the pavilion, services of on-site wedding planner, deluxe wedding set up and decorations, as well bouquet and corsages.

There are many more items they include in these two packages.

Just inquire from the management and they will only be too happy to talk to you.

So if you are thinking of saying “I do’ at Rasa Ria’s wedding pavilion, with the blazing hues of a sunset or the gentle sounds of waves lapping the shore in the morning for a backdrop, contact the Resort and get them to arrange for you the perfect wedding.

Courtesy of: New Sabah Times 'In' Sites - Sabah Travel and Leisure Guide

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