Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sarawak, a wealth of diversity

KUCHING: Sarawak, a land of ready smiles and incredible contrasts beckons visitors with a rich diversity of experiences. Celebrating its 44th independence since 1963, it is filled with people who are charming, fascinating, warm and friendly.

The State's social, political and economic stability have ensured a well-structured development. Sarawak is a land filled with great opportunities and has managed to retain its rich heritage of culture and traditions despite modernisation.

Situated on the north-western coast of Borneo, the land of hornbills, intricate rivers and pepper beckons the visitor with its rich rainforests and the diverse lifestyles of its indigenous people.

Sarawak shares its boundaries with Kalimantan in the south and Brunei and Sabah in the north. It is the largest state, covering an area of 124,450sq km and is divided into nine divisions with the city of Kuching as its capital.

Two-thirds of its land is under rainforest and its population of 1.7 million is made up of 27 ethnic groups. Sarawak is best known for its natural and cultural wonders with the hornbill as the State emblem.

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