Friday, September 07, 2007

Boating on Sungai Sarawak Kiri

If you love nature and adventure, then Sungai Sarawak Kiri is the place for you. The 26-km tributary of the famous Sarawak River flows between Kampung Danu and Kampung Git in Padawan, Kuching Division. The villages are an approximate one hour’s car drive from Kuching City centre.

Sungai Sarawak Kiri boasts picturesque scenes of naturally curved river banks, large river boulders and unique rock formations. Pebbled beaches, white water rapids, river vegetation and limestone hills with caves can also be found there.

A constant cool breeze and a thick canopy naturally protect visitors from the scorching tropical heat and create the perfect environment for boating adventures. Boating activities are particularly popular during the dry season between the months of June and September.

Sungai Sarawak Kiri is also the perfect place for picnics and walks. The shallow water at this time of year makes way for natural pebble beaches. During the dry season, the river is usually only a few inches deep.

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