Thursday, September 27, 2007

Kingwood Hotel Mukah project takes off

MUKAH: The Proposed Kingwood Hotel Mukah project was officially launched with the earth-breaking ceremony yesterday morning performed by Datuk Haji Mohammad Tufail Mahmud, chairman of The Sarawak Company (1958) Sdn Bhd and Kingwood Hotel Mukah.

That auspicious event was held at the proposed hotel’s site, strategically located in the vibrant and bustling Medan Setia Raja Commercial Centre. The centre has over 100 units of 3-storey shophouses and food courts fronting the majestic Boulevard Setia Raja, Mukah.

Among those present at the event were Mukah Deputy Resident, Dr Anthony Valentine Laiseh, Mukah District officer, Mohammad Nawawi, Dalat/Mukah District Council, Walikota, Ali Suhaili, Group Managing Director of Kingwood Group of Companies, Hii King Chiong, Hock Peng Organisation Deputy Managing Director, Kapitan Dr Francis Toh Chiew Peng, Penghulu Ting Kee Kuan, Pemanca Haji Shamsuddin Haji Hossien, Kingwood Resort Mukah, Henry Tiong and local community leaders.

The proposed new hotel would be a three-star hotel. The building would be five storeys high and would feature modern architecture.

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