Monday, October 20, 2008

Baloi Hill transformed into eco-friendly tourism hotspot

By Jon Tampoi

The Information Department collaborated with the Village Council of Pengkalan Batu to organise an expedition called, "Jelajah Penerangan ke Bukit Kota", at Kampong Batu Ampar in Mukim Pengkalan Batu, yesterday.

Hj Md Yussof Bin Hj Ladi - the Acting Director of the Information Dept, the Ketua Kampong of Pengkalan Batu - Awg Hj Kahar bin Tinggal, some 20 officers from the Information Department and their family members, Pengkalan Batu Village Council members as well as residents of the surrounding village were present at yesterday's event.

In his address, the ketua kampong of Pengkalan Batu emphasised on the natural beauty of the surrounding area of Baloi Hill, which sprung to life with the idea of turning it into an eco-friendly tourism hot spot which will not only benefit tourists or foreigners but locals as well.

Talks with the Environment and Recreational Department, the Ministry of Development and the Tourism Unit have been completed. Another meeting will be scheduled with the Survey Department for the same purpose. The morning activity was part of the strategies implemented to realise the aim.

The Acting Director, Hj Md Yussof Bin Hj Ladi, said in his speech that the day's programme was a move towards the national aspiration to foster closer relations between a government agency and the village council to promote activities, silatulrahim and harmony.

The activity began with a warm up exercise session followed by climbing to the top of the hill led by the members of the Pengkalan Batu village council.

Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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