Friday, October 24, 2008

Sarawak Museum needed to be expanded

KUCHING: There is a need to expand the present Sarawak Museum which is touted to be the best in South East Asia in the future, said Minister of Urban Development and Tourism Datuk Michael Manyin Jawong.

“We need a bigger building for our museum to cater to the increasing number of visitors. Our present one is getting too small. As we go by, we see our requirements. For now it is too premature for me to answer that question (on whether we will have a bigger building for the museum).

“It can be a reality when we have the money. The money has to come from KL. We will think about it and put up a request maybe under the 10th Malaysia Plan,” Manyin told reporters after launching an art exhibition entitled, “More than Colours” at the Arts Museum here yesterday.

He reiterated that if you really want a good museum, ample space was needed, especially parking spaces for visitors.
“Take for instance, the London Museum. One can spend the whole day there.

“It has a cafeteria and bookstore inside where one can do your research work. We have to incorporate these facilities into a big space. And if you go to the various museums and cathedrals in Paris, there are plenty of spaces at these premises. Some can accommodate about 100 coaches at any one time,” he pointed out.

Manyin was however proud of the Sarawak Museum as it is one of the state’s main tourism products.

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