Friday, October 17, 2008

Call to protect, conserve Sarawak's pitcher plants

KUCHING: According to Research Manager of Sarawak Forestry Corporation at Forest Research Centre, Julaihi Abdullah, pitcher plants or nepenthes must be protected and conserved.

He said that this would be his working paper presentation with another Sarawak Forestry Corporation researcher, Bibian Michael Diway at the coming 15th Malaysia Forestry Conference to be held here from October 20 to 24.

He said that the reason was that the floriculture industry in Malaysia has grown by leaps and bounds. Many species of plants including orchids and pitcher plants of Sarawak are in high demand from plant lovers in the world.

He added that as a result of the surge in interest from overseas and locals in the past decade, the demand for pitcher plants has become so great that some species in the wild are now in grave danger of extinction.

“The major threats to wild pitcher plants are their removal by collectors and habitat destruction. As such these plants need to be conserved urgently,” he stressed.

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