Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tattoo and Art Exhibition at Monsopiad Cultural Village

From Life in Borneo blog:

An Art & Tattoo exhibition is being held at the Monsopiad Cultural Village, every Friday to Saturday for the month of October. For the people of Borneo, Tattoos are a part of our culture and tradition. While modern tools have almost replaced all traditional methods, ancient tribal patterns are not forgotten. Flora and fauna motif passed down from generations are still being used till today.

Some people display tattoos to celebrate or memorialize a significant point in ones’ life and at other times, to commemorate a loved one, may it be name(s) or even an illustration of a person. Though these times in history are not depicted using words, rather they are more like etchings using designs of places and dates which only the person that received the tattoo would know the meaning behind them.

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