Saturday, November 15, 2014

David ‘Walking Borneo’ feels people from tip to toe

MIRI: David Atthowe from Norfolk England, now here and covering 86 days of his 2,500-km walk from Tawau the north-eastern tip of Borneo, is confident of raising greater awareness on environmental and humanitarian issues to the people that he meets and to the world community at large.

He said since Day 1 of his environmental and humanitarian projects in Borneo, on Aug 22 in Tawau, walking and relying solely on the help of people they meet along the way for food and hospitality, he had received overwhelming response from the authorities and the general public.

“In Brunei in particular, in the last two weeks, people from all walks of life offered tonnes of food which I couldn’t possibly eat, and also accommodation and sponsorship. Similarly in Sabah and here in Miri although today is my second day here, the reception from the people too is overwhelming,” he told The Borneo Post yesterday.

On arrival in Miri on Thursday evening, he visited the newly established Piasau Nature Reserve where he was met by members of the Piasau Camp Miri Nature Society (PCMNPS) and the Miri Chapter of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) led by Musa Musbah – chairman of MNS and deputy president of PCMNPS. They also exchanged views and ideas on environmental conservation and humanitarian.

Yesterday, he visited several places including shopping malls where he was warmly greeted by the public and acquaintances including local artist Tan Wei Kheng .

“I am glad to be able to meet them including the nature societies and this is in line with our objectives for the walk. Borneo, including Sarawak, is certainly a haven for environmental conservation, there is still plenty of forest and its people have diverse and colourful cultures compared with Semenanjung Malaysia where our first and similar project was held,” he said.

David, the founder of Nomadic Lion, was earlier accompanied by Yusep Sukmana, 24, from Bandung Indonesia for the walk in Sabah but from Miri for the rest of the remaining journey to Kuching, he is accompanied by another Indonesian, Gilang Ramadhan.

He said their planned journey totalling 2,500-km walk covering Sabah, Sarawak, and Brunei, will take about five months and will be made into a documentary focusing on positive environmental and humanitarian projects and solutions.

The project in Borneo is the second walking mission for the duo after completing a 1,100-km walk in Peninsular Malaysia in February.