Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Malaysian Borneo – Tabin

During our stay at Tabin we went on several excursions with our guide, Rachel, looking for wildlife and enjoying other aspects of the rainforest experience.

We were a little disappointed to find that although there are a lot of walking trails from the Tabin Wildlife Resort, you cannot walk them unaccompanied.

They have had to tighten safety measures after a few cases of people coming face to face with elephants in the past.

That said, Rachel was great and she did what she could to fill our schedule as much as possible.

From a wildlife perspective, we saw lots of birds, monitor lizards and gibbons, but my favourite trips were the night drives.

Anyone who has been on a safari holiday is probably familiar with these – where the guides use flashlights to look for the reflection of eyes.

You then have to try and get close enough to the animal before it runs away!

We managed to spot several species of owl, a few types of civets and some leopard cats.

Sadly, it was tricky to take photos given the lighting but we managed to get one or two.

We knew elephants were in the area but kept narrowly missing them.

A few times the guides mentioned that there were fresh prints (less than 30 minutes old) but we always arrived a little too late.

It would have been great to see another elephant but at least we saw one on the Kinabatangan River so I wasn’t too upset about it.

One of the most enjoyable parts of our rainforest experience was swimming in a waterfall.

Aside from the other people in our group, there was no sign of human life.

It was so peaceful! I enjoyed just lying back in the water admiring the trees all around which seemed to reach for miles into the sky.

It really did feel like something you would expect in Lost!

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