Sunday, November 02, 2014

Second Miri Country Music Fest set to be another treat for fans

KUCHING: Country music fans can expect another exciting treat at the second edition of the Miri Country Music Fest on Feb 7 next year.

The festival will feature bands from the state, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Indonesia, Czech Republic and USA.

Together they are expected to rock the festival with their wide genre of country tunes which include rock, pop, contemporary, dangdut, bluegrass and folk.

The bands are Hi Breed from Kuching, Starlet Band (Miri), Os Pombos (Kuala Lumpur), Mel and Joe (Singapore), Rani and the Westom Country Band (Indonesia), Country Sisters (Czech Republic) and Kareem Salama (USA).

Both Starlet Band and Country Sisters are all-girl bands.

Starlet Band started out as a family band with three sisters and their niece performing for a gig at a social and recreational club here.

After several shows at the club, the band soon got invited to other social functions and events. To keep up with more invitations, the band recruited another family member and now Starlet is a five-member band playing mostly rock tunes.

Besides here, the band has also performed in other cities in the country.

Like Starlet Band, the Country Sisters is also a household name in the entertainment scene back home in Czech Republic.

This six-member band play traditional country, rock and roll, evergreen and Cajun tunes. The band had performed in countries like Australia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Singapore and Thailand, to name a few. Their appearance at Miri Country Music Fest will be their first visit to the country.

Since its formation about four decades ago, the band had released 14 CDs and had also won numerous awards for their performances.