Wednesday, November 26, 2014


If you only have a few days in Kuching, this is must-see!

I usually hate anything ‘must-see’, ‘must-do’, yada yada.

Partly because I don’t like crowds, and more so because of my somewhat rebellious black sheep nature of having to go against the grain.

But sometimes, I’ve got to give in. In truth, I am from a small town in the South East of Ireland, when am I actually going to get a chance to see this magnificent animal again?

I could say on a Saturday night at 2am outside the a pub, but that would be completely insulting the Orangu-tans.

Semengoh Rehabilitation Centre is not actually a place where these wild animals go to get off the smack, or are suffering from ‘exhaustion’.

It is a sanctuary for rescued animals, taken into care after they have been abandoned or abused by captivators who treated them not so nicely to put it mildly.

There are two feeding times, when members of the public can attend and hope to get a glimpse of these beautiful endangered beings.

Note, if the Orangu-tans come out at these times is NOT guaranteed, but worth the wait.

Feeding times are at 08:30 and 15:00 hours. I went to the afternoon feeding, and these lads kept us waiting for 30 minutes!

The keepers leave coconuts and fruit on a platform, from which you are about 100 meters away.

You have  to be far away, as these animals are wild – so don’t go there with an expectation of hugging and kissing a cute little baby Orangu-tan.

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