Thursday, January 15, 2015

Expect the unexpected in Borneo

Did I expect to be able to climb Mt Kinabalu to watch the sun rise? Never.

Was I planning on joining orangutans for breakfast? Probably not.

But then these experiences and more were typical of my unexpected highlights in Borneo.

I chose Borneo for my next Intrepid trip because I loved the thought of seeing amazing wildlife, staying in traditional villages and I was prepared to give the mountain climb a go, but what I didn’t anticipate was just how much of a buzz I would get from exploring this fascinating land.

Getting to know the local people was a real privilege. We stayed in a Dusun village near the base of Mt Kinabalu and were warmly welcomed into the community.

It was such fun to learn how to cook regional specialities in their family kitchen and thanks to a colourful cultural show we got to understand more about the proud Dusun heritage.

On Turtle Island we could kick back after our Kinabalu challenge with plenty of swimming and sunning time, but the real thrills came after dark.

Each night green turtles come ashore and we got to watch quietly as mums dug their sandy nests for their precious eggs.

The Turtle Island Marine Park researchers also released a group of hatchlings and like little wind up toys with their flippers flapping they made their frantic scramble to the water’s edge.

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