Friday, January 16, 2015

Paradise in Kalimantan, Borneo

Our beloved island Kalimantan in Borneo – Indonesia, recently is one of the most favourite destination visited by tourists.

The big island consists of several small islands around it, where we step our bare feet on their white sands.

Maratua, Derawan, Sangalaki, and Kakaban island, a group of islands that have incredibly rich underwater nature, are located in Eastern Kalimantan, 2-3 hours by boat from the port of Berau.

We choose to stay 3 nights in Nunukan Resort, located in the finest island, Maratua.

I call it as diver’s paradise, it has so many beautiful dive spots and also the resort provides a complete diver’s equipments (suites, fins, snorkle, etc). 

From here, we can hire a boat for one full day to go around to other islands, or to dive in different kind of spots, with or without the local dive master.

We also got our breakfast, lunch and dinner in the resort, with some local taste.

Every different spot has different underwater creatures.

We pick a low season to travel, so there are not so many other tourists around.

The water was crystal clear with a turquoise colours gradation, and we can see the colourful corals clearly from the boat.

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