Saturday, January 10, 2015

Tambunan to host State-level Harvest Festival launch

TAMBUNAN: Tambunan will host the launch of the State-level Harvest (Kaamatan) Festival on May 1 this year, Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan said here yesterday.

He said this would give the State Legislative Assembly an opportunity to play host to about 500 delegates from Commonwealth countries.

“I ask the people of this region, including the Interior to participatein the event by stepping up efforts in putting up an exhibition about the background, history and culture in this state,” he said in his message to the heads of state and federal departments at a meeting held at the District Office Operation room here.

To prepare early for the festival, Pairin, who is alsoTambunan Assemblyman, advised people from the Interior to take an active role to ensure the success of the launching ceremony held at Pisompuruan Plain here.

He said all the programmes would be held this year, organized by the Districtl Office, including improving the quality of work of government departments and staff to be more responsible.

“As a leader in this area, I ask all parties, including heads of government departments in this area to do their best for this year in an effort to improve the quality of this area in the eyes of tourists.

“We also hope that the government departments would improve performance, especially in the tourism, agriculture, manufacturing sectors in conjunction with the launching of this festival,” he said.

Pairin, who is also Minister of Infrastructure Development, said Tambunan District had been given the opportunity to launch a state-level Kaamatan Festival as required by the State Assembly to faciliate the participation of about 500 representatives of Commonwealth countries.

“I ask the people in this area to take this opportunity to make this area to be recognized by the international community.”

He said the presence of representatives of Commonwealth countries is historical and the was a need to intensify something unique to be put forward in conjunction with the launch of the festival on May 1.

He said, as a district famous for bamboo, the people here have shown also need bamboo because there was still need the tools around them than they are easily available.

“The bamboo can be used as a tool to beautify by having a bambo fence competition along the road from Kampung Tangaban to Kampung Pupulutan.