Thursday, January 01, 2015

‘Walking Borneo’ grand finals

KUCHING: Kuchingites are invited to be part of the grand finals of the historic, never before attempted 2,250km ‘Walking Borneo’ this coming Sunday (Jan 4), as the team from Nomadic Lion will be making their final two-kilometre walk.

The team, led by David Atthowe, will be making their final two-kilometre walk – together with the Kuching people – to complete the ‘Walking Borneo’ project at 9am from Sarawak Tourism Office to Le Park Civic Centre here.

The Walking Borneo project, which began in August last year and is scheduled to end this month, is Nomadic Lion’s second event to raise awareness of environmental and humanitarian projects.

Throughout their six-month journey, the team from Nomadic Lion walked all the way around Sabah, through Brunei and then all the way down through Sarawak.

According to the information made available in Nomadic Lion’s website, the focus of the Walking Borneo project and documentary would be on positive projects taking place on Borneo island.

During their journey, they visited organisations and projects working to help the people or environment prosper in any way in Borneo, besides meeting local musicians for a number of collaborations and musical projects.

They also visited a number of national parks, conservation centres, animal rehabilitation centres, artistic centres and community empowerment projects.

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