Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Tip of Borneo

This morning we wandered outside to find the streets of Kudat alive with people and cars everywhere.

Wednesday is local market day when everyone comes to down from the outlining villages to sell there wares.

There are gongs, jewellery, bells, fresh fruit and vegetables, along the beetle nut, tobacco and everything else you could possibly think off.

The cafes are all busy but we manage to squeeze onto a table with a couple of locals.

Bevan has chicken noodle soup while I have noodles with pork.

By the time we wander around the market and get back to the hotel our lift to the Tip of Borneo is here.

We quickly back up and head up the coast line.

We arrive at the Tip, the resort faces the South China Sea, there is a very long white sandy beach.

The Tip of Borneo is about 10 minutes walk away, we will head there early evening to watch the sun set.

We walked the length of the beach it is over a km long, clean white sand, a beautiful beach.

I said if they put a 4-5 star resort here the people would flock.

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