Saturday, January 31, 2015

Scuba Diving Mabul and Bohey Dulang Island

Me and a group of friends went for a scuba diving trip in Mabul Island plus Bohey Dulang Island. We took an AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Tawau at 7am. We reached Tawau airport at 9:50am. A van was waiting to drive us to Semporna town and it took us about an hour drive.

This is not my first time to visit Mabul Island. It is more like a must to do trip to distress myself whenever I have time off from work. Arung Hayat Home-stay is a comfort zone and my happy place. I have been going back diving with the team for the past 4 years now.

Once we arrived at Semporna, we went to have our lunch at Ocean Live Seafood Restaurant at Semporna town. The restaurant is located beside Sipadan Inn hotel and the waterfront is just outside the premises. I believe this restaurant is truly one restaurant that stands out from the rest.

The seafood is fresh, delicious, restaurant is clean, ambiance is beautiful, very welcoming and the price is cheap ! That's what everyone is looking for right? Kenneth the owner of the restaurant is a very friendly guy, always smiling and he make sure that the food and service is up to the standard.

The only thing is sometimes the restaurant is SO PACK and we need to wait.. but it won't take a very long time though. We are on a holiday right !!.. no rushing and relax..enjoy the life to the fullest...ooook next ..

After lunch we did some grocery shopping and we went straight to the jetty at Pakalalang Village located 20 mins drive from Semporna town. We took a 30 minutes boat ride to the island. Normal practices, usually all guest will be picked up from Semporna Jetty and the boat ride is about 1 hour journey to Mabul Island.

Our home-stay Arung Hayat has a boat pick up from the village, making the journey faster.

We did one dive on our arrival day. The weather was hot but the water temperature was about 27 to 28 degrees which is colder than normal 30 to 33 degrees. Everyday is scuba diving activity and during the night , we have BBQ dinner, fresh grilled fish.

After dinner the dive crew entertained the guest by playing the guitar and sing for us while we lay down on the wooden bridge watching hundreds of stars in the sky. The next day, some of us woke up as early as 4am to see the sunrise. The sunrise and sunset view is breathtaking.

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