Sunday, October 04, 2009

Boat sunk at Mataking to build up ecosystem

Tawau: A former Norwegian fishing vessel, MV Sipadan Mermaid, was sunk near Reef Dive Resort at Mataking Island off Semporna on September 26.

The dive team started to flood the ship at 11.15am and the vessel began to sink at the assigned position after 55 minutes.

Also present during the event were international guests from WWF, as well as local government authorities.

The Resort's Managing Director, David Sie, said the sinking of this new wreck will help in building up the fragile ecosystem at the island whilst easing pressure involving diving activities off Sipadan Island.

"We hope to see new life on this reef within a matter of months as it creates a new home for many different types of marine life," he said.

The Mermaid is the Reef Dive Resort's second artificial reef. The vessel originally started her life as a Norwegian fishing boat and was responsible for many successful trips, including along the coasts of Malaysia.

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