Friday, October 09, 2009

‘Miss Dayak Sarawak’ to be different from other pageants

KUCHING: A beauty pageant to be introduced this year, Miss Dayak Sarawak, promises to be different from the Kumang Dayak pageants often organised during Gawai festivals.

Planned for just before Christmas, it is likely to see contestants doing their catwalk in evening gowns instead of the traditional costumes.

Up for grabs will be attractive cash prizes of RM5,000 for the queen, RM2,000 (first runner-up), RM1,000 (second runner-up), RM800 (third runner-up) and M500 (fourth runner-up).

The man behind this new event is Alaric Soh, famous for his string of creations — Miss Cheongsam, Miss Sarawak and Miss Tourism pageants since 1983.

He told a press conference yesterday that this latest pageant not only aimed to crown the most beautiful Dayak lady but also to provide a platform for the participants to succeed in their future careers.

And in his 21 years of pageants, he said, the winners had also been well-behaved and never abused their titles with most of them having settled down to family life not long after winning.

“With my 21 years of experience in beauty pageants, and since I am good at it, why not make good use of my experience in helping to promote tourism, to promote the diversity of Dayak cultures, and to foster closer relationship among the Dayak communities.

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