Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mysterious Borneo adds attraction to international yachting challenge

MIRI: The name Borneo will lure the yachting community to participate in the Borneo International Yachting Challenge (BIYC).“Borneo has a mystical and adventurous image to the outside world particularly westerners. That’s why we are using Borneo in this yachting challenge as the name is known to the world,” said sixth BIYC joint main organising committee co-chairman Datuk Lee Kim Shin on Sunday.

The yachting race has promoted Miri in particular and Sarawak in general as well as Labuan and Sabah to the international yachting community. The number of participating yachts from different parts of the world has been increasing steadily in the last five years, he said.

In the 5th BIYC, over 40 yachts from 13 different countries took part. It is evident that BIYC has a great potential to grow into a truly renowned international yachting event in Asia, if organisers put in more concerted effort to publicise and promote it.

According to Lee, since the introduction of the race, Miri has become increasingly known to the international yachting community. The participants of the past five years have helped promote Miri through their own yachting network.

“I have in fact received a number of e-mails from previous participants, helping promote the event to their friends,” Lee said.

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At 11:09 AM, Blogger Sandyloom said...

I am looking for a sail back home to Australia I am in Sabah, need a lift back. Have sailed before up the East coast of Australia and PNG. Will do my share. Or if money is required will pay my way.



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