Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Serene Podos Waterfall, Kota Belud

Kota Belud: AWAY from the hustle and bustle of city life, the largely unknown Podos Waterfall in Kadamaian, Kota Belud is a place to behold.

The waterfall, named after the village where it is located, is about 26km from Kota Belud town, 16km consisting of the ride to Taginambur, a small rural town off the Ranau by-pass, and the rest on a gravel access to Kg Podos, with a 10-minute walk at the end to reach the spot.

A visit to the site left a lasting impression on founder and president of non-governmental organisation, Gindol Initiative for Civil Society Borneo, Kanul Gindol.

"The Podos Waterfall is ideal for a small group of five to 10 people because it has only a single pond.

"The water comes from the pristine forests at the foot of Nopunggok in the Crocker Range. I estimate the height of the waterfall to be around 150 feet," he said.

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