Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flavourful Barramundi at Kuching Grand Margherita Hotel, Sarawak

Lunch at the Meisan Szechuan Restaurant of Grand Margherita Hotel recently was a healthy and intriguing affair. It was strictly an ‘all fish menu’ affair except for the Hong Kong Kale with Garlic that came almost towards the end of the informative and knowledgeable lunch about a fish called Barramundi.

In between catching up with the news and enjoying the dish of Barramundi among media friends, Assar Aquaquest Sdn Bhd Senior Farm Executive Awg Mohamad Farid Awg Fadzellah narrated about their project on the fish that they started about four years ago. His interesting and entrepreneurial success story helped to stimulate further our appetite. Well, if people ask me what do I know about fish and Barramundi, the least I can said is that the meat tastes good, thanks to the hotel chef and business vision of Assar Aquaquest.

Farid said that Barramundi is a relative of an Australian and Asian sea bass and their presence here would give us more varieties in the type of sea fish and seafood base dishes.

Looking at the menu that we had for lunch, he could not be wrong as we were served a dish called Hot and Cold Barramundi “Omega 3”. The fish cake was crunchy, crispy and juicy with mayonnaise fillings that melt in your mouth. That was good. The cold dish of Barramundi raw meat was done umai style. It was very flavourful with chilli, garlic and lemon grass. It went very well with roasted sago pearl.

According to Farid, Barramundi is getting popular here and has already made a name for itself in major supermarkets and leading hotels in the city. Its a matter of time, in the not too distant future, before its name will be mentioned by every housewife in the city.

Well, remember how we have slowly got use to one of Thailand’s greatest soup - The Tom Yam. We were also served a special Tom Yam soup with Barramundi.

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