Monday, October 26, 2009

Kota Belud Tamu Besar drawing crowds

KOTA BELUD: Colourful and steeped in tradition while showcasing a harmonious blend of cultures and peaceful living, the annual Tamu Besar event never fails to attract people – locals and visitors alike.

The celebration yesterday drew more than 10,000 people turning this town, where the Cowboys of the East roam free, into a veritable carnival.

Ponies dressed in brightly coloured cloths with their equally fancy riders, beauties decked in traditional costumes and the gentle strains of the betitik musical ensemble all combine to make a truly unique festival.

Kota Belud district officer, Mohd Najib Muntok was definitely pleased to witness the large turnout of people.

“They have come to see for themselves how people in Kota Belud all live in peace despite our different cultures. It is a true example of the 1Malaysia concept,” he beamed.

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