Friday, October 02, 2009

Chicken Rice in Sarawak

Simple yet delicious. That, for me, is what the Chicken Rice is all about. When you are hungry for something that is tasty but not at all sophisticated (and does not cost too much), Chicken Rice is the perfect choice.

And yes, you can have it for lunch or dinner. In fact, you can even have it for breakfast, whichever suits you.

The key to a good Chicken Rice is of course a good selection of ingredients, with which the savoury rice and the chicken that go with it, are cooked. Timing is also important because you don’t want the chicken for the dish to be too dry or still bloody.

Anyway, this week the Food Hunters went to three different places offering the dish to see which one of them faired best in this week’s Taste Test.

Da-Light Food Court, King’s Centre

Like many other popular food courts in Kuching, this one is packed especially at night-time. The attraction is of course good food. And one of the most frequented stalls is J.C. Phang’s Chicken Rice stall.

From what I understand, the guy who runs this stall used to work at a well-known hotel here. For whatever reason, he left the hotel many years back and started a Chicken Rice business (among other businesses, I suppose).

J.C. Phang’s Chicken Rice operates in two shifts - 11am and at 5pm daily. If you haven’t been to this particular chicken rice stall, be warned that by 8pm, you probably won’t get any more chicken rice. Yes, this stall is that famous!

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