Friday, October 23, 2009

F&B a major tourist attraction for Sarawak

If somebody asks me what is it about Sarawak that makes people come back again and again – at least once in their life time - my answer is that it depends on the person. Each traveller has his own needs and wants. I am not a marketing expert but like other any tourist destination Sarawak has something at par to offer travellers from around the world.

When someone browse through holiday brochures he is quite certain to see the words such as “It’s a must see and must go” place printed on the brochure or leaflet. It is almost a certainty that the holiday makers or travellers would form some rough ideas of their destinations.

Sarawak in general is beautiful and has a huge potential to be a tourist destination. It has numerous tourist products and there is no denial that it is a paradise with its picturesque flora and fauna, and a landscape that only exists in this part of the world.

But tourists do not come here for just the landscape or filling up their digital camera memory cards. They want something different that could not be found from where they come from. They want to experience something – other than snap shots – that they can remember for a life time.

Singaporean actor cum gourmet expert Moses Lim, who is the Sarawak Food Ambassador in the republic since Sept 1 this year, said personally he sees Sarawak as a very interesting destination with numerous tourist products to promote. Moses explained that for many years people form Singapore and the Asian region had not heard much about Sarawak and East Malaysia.

“I knew Sarawak in the 1970s when I was involved in my late father’s automotive business. I travelled to this part of the world. I used to travel at least 21 days a month around East Malaysia and came to know the many interesting places and food that people would love to experience.

“In the middle of this year, STB ex CEO Gracie Geikie approached me and asked me whether I would like to promote food like laksa since I have such gourmet experiences and laksa is one of the food loved by Singaporeans. I believe we should promote Sarawak through the varieties of authentic food and beverage products,” he said.

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