Sunday, October 28, 2012

500 set off on grueling Borneo Safari

KOTA KINABALU: The 22nd edition of Sabah’s very own extreme off road motoring event, Borneo Safari 2012, has kicked off to an exciting start.

Heavy rain poured over Kota Kinabalu yesterday, but it did not stop the crowd from thronging the specially built mud tracks next to the Borneo 4WD Outdoor Show at Alamesra here.

They came to witness drivers and machines being pushed to their limits trying to conquer the short but very slippery and challenging courses of stages one, two and three, set up by the organizer.

The initial plan was to have Sabah Tourism Board (STB) Datuk Seri Tengku Adlin lead a team of paragliders to land at the show ground before launching the special stage challenge.

Uncooperative weather forced the organizer to cancel the plan for safety reason, but the downpour that pummeled hours before the special stage runs started was nothing less than a blessing.

Mud holes of at least 1.5 meters deep were filled with sludge that would engulf the smaller 4×4 vehicles almost to the roof, the kind of challenges extreme off-road drivers would dive in head first.

Winches were put into overdrive and the crowd cheered, perhaps more in relief than excitement, as steel cables endured under the weight of a roaring beast slowly climbing out of its watery graves.

The special stage challenge marked the unofficial start of the highly anticipated event and gave the newcomers a taste of what lies ahead as the Safari progresses in the next grueling eight days.

The event this year attracted over 500 participants which included experienced and new drivers, co-drivers, support crew and thrill seekers who are simply tagging along for the adventure.

Some 220 off-road ready 4×4 of all sizes will embark on their journey this morning, with a mission to conquer varied off-road terrains in a return trip of about 1,000 km.

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