Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Annah Rais hotsprings urged to improve product and services

KUCHING: Operators of hotsprings in Annah Rais are urged to improve their product and services to attract more visitors including foreigners.

Chairman of Padawan Municipal Council (PMC) Lo Khere Chiang said last year the operator of Annah Rais hot springs collected more than RM60,000 from ticket sales, which could be doubled if the premises were improved.

“I’d say that much improvement still needs to be done in Annah Rais which holds huge potential as the state’s premier tourism destination,” Lo said after the full council meeting yesterday.

He also said that some of the improvements that could be done in Annah Rais was to channel hot water from the springs to different designated ponds.

“Currently, the hot water ponds are partitioned with rocks which influence the fluctuating water temperature.”

He also said operators must have the heart to improve their services. He also suggested that a portion of proceeds from the sale of entry tickets go to the village security and development committee to benefit the villagers.