Monday, October 22, 2012

Australia's Sunshine Coast community raised $20,000 for endangered orangutan in Borneo

People of the Forest Project have joined forces with local businesses and the Sunshine Coast community members to raise $20,000 for endangered orangutan in Borneo, in two weeks.

The Sunshine Coast Conservation and Land Management graduate, Casey Murtagh from Nambour TAFE was so inspired by the plight of the endangered orang-utan, while volunteering at the Matang Wildlife Centre in Borneo earlier this year, that she wanted to establish a fundraising dinner which will be headlined by an expert in conservation.

Ms. Murtagh has secured Leo Biddle, the Great Orangutan Project head on conservation to present at her fundraising dinner on Thursday 25th October at Fish on Parkyn in Mooloolaba.

“It’s really exciting to have someone of the caliber of Leo here on the Sunshine Coast to talk about his involvement with the Great Orangutan Project’ as well as animal management, volunteering and conservation.

“He is renowned internationally for his knowledge on this matter and we hope to make a difference for the International Animal Rescue (IAR) site in Ketapang, West Kalimantan which is partially funded by the not for profit organisation ‘The Orang-utan Project,” Casey said.