Friday, October 19, 2012

If you need me I'll be in... Borneo

My Borneo trip a few weeks back was the fulfilling of a dream. The trip I had envisioned when I first started to plan for Borneo was as adventurous as can be, unfortuantely also highly unrealistic. I wanted to head into the deep Borneo jungle and take my chances at seeing my beloved Orang-Utans in the wild.

I thought this could be done in 5 days. Boy was I wrong. The trip I ended up doing didn't involve a deep jungle experience, but it did involve many other amazing experiences and it gave me a very good sense of how to plan my dream Borneo trip in the future. That kind of trip will require at least 3 weeks of time.

My trip was based out of Kuching. The capital of the western state of Borneo, Sarawak. Here I finally got to experience something I have been wanting to try for years. Couchsurfing! So the first day I stayed with a guy called Emmanuel who DJs and manages bars in Kuching. He showed me around the city and took me out for a great night of drinking that first night.

Overall it was a very positive experience and definitely made me want to continue using couchsurfing. He took me to the bar of a hostel near the waterfront where I ended up meeting 2 Danish girls who I travelled with for 3 days. I also stayed at the hostel for the last 2 nights of my trip.

With 2 new travel companions, I set out for Bako National of many national parks in the vicinity of Kuching.

Of course we met some monkeys along the way. At Bako we stayed overnight so we could do the night trek. We saw snakes, spiders, insects, but unfortunately no mammals.

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