Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Belawai now a popular beach resort

SIBU: Belawai has become a popular beach resort for people from the hinterland of Sarawak’s central region as evidenced by the huge turnouts at the recent recreational events held at the beach.

One such event was the 2nd Belawai Shimano Beach Fishing Competition which a participant, Mohtadar Wan from Belawai, described as a good get-together for friends and families.

Mohtadar and family were with a friend, 54-year-old Ibrahim Jem, at the competition.

Mohtadar is a regular at fishing competitions, but he has never won any prize.

“I participated in the Safari Tanjung Manis, Safari Mukah and the Belawai fishing competition last March.

“I won nothing from these competitions, except fun. I met old friends as well as made new friends,” he said.

Mohtadar, a 57-year-old retiree, said fishing had been his hobby since he was a little boy, and his favourite was deep sea fishing.

“I used to go out to the sea with friends.

“The excitement of beach fishing cannot beat the excitement of deep sea fishing. Beach fishing is more for leisure and it doesn’t give as much thrill as deep sea fishing.

“There are more fish in the sea so it is definitely more fun to cast your rod in the deep sea, especially when you catch a fish you start pulling your rod. The feeling is indescribable as you do not think of anything else,” he enthused.

His friend, Ibrahim, on the other hand said: “I am a fisherman, and normally I spend about five days at sea every week. I catch fish for a living. Deep sea fishing is just simply the best.”

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