Monday, September 30, 2013

Misompuru - Rungus home stay

Sabah has a profusion of home stays and some tend to be more “run of the mill” establishments while a few do have some very interesting facets for the visitor to enjoy. 

Some of the vital components that go towards making a home stay successful and attractive would include the warmth of the host family, standards of cleanliness and the natural attractions / activities in the neighbourhood.

One of the more commendable and popular home-stays in Sabah is Misompuru Home-stay, which is located a few kilometres from the town of Kudat in northern Sabah.

As with the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism’s concept of a Home-stay, the Misompuru Home stay is a community program, whereby local families open their homes to visitors who wish to stay in the area.

Bookings are made through a central booking system and guests are assigned to a host family based on a rotation system for equal distribution of resources and income.

As the home-stay incorporates 10 villages in the district – it includes host families from both Christian and Muslim faiths.

This is especially helpful when it comes to dietary concerns for Muslim guest.

Guests are assigned to rooms in their host family house and basically are treated as honoured family members rather than just visitors.

The main “draw factor” of a home stay is that it is an actual village, whose people still work the land for a living and  guest get the genuine village experience which is very different from a visit to a cultural village specifically targeted to  tourist.

As part of the experience, guests partake in household activities or venture into the farms and nearby forests where they are shown the various medical and economical plants.

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