Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fantastic Pristine Beaches In Borneo You Should See, Malaysia

On one of the world's largest islands are hidden plenty of pleasures for your magical luxury vacations in an absolutely exotic atmosphere, but the northern coastline of this island is edged by the most precious exotic jewels. It comes to a series of beaches and each of them looks like a beautiful exotic jewel on the coast of Malaysia.

That's why the Borneo's coastline of Malaysia is a vibrant shiny necklace, where are hidden numerous tempting spots to enjoy. Enjoy a whole holiday, honeymoon or maybe a whole eternity on this island and see why there is such a fantastic pristine beaches in Borneo you should see, Malaysia.

Borneo Island is a unique place for luxury vacations and the numerous beach resorts offer plenty of temptations to choose from. A unique tropical scenery is the next fabulous advantage of this gigantic piece of a tropical paradise, while the northern coast of Borneo features a combination of unsurpassed luxury and scenery.

From dozens of kilometers long sandy beaches, to small and completely isolated pristine beaches - there is a perfect fit for everyone's taste and ego. Moreover, most of the beaches are edged by lush tropical vegetation and the refreshing shadow of the huge palm trees can easily be accompanied by your own lovely cocktail, for example.

A couple of hours on a sun bed under the palm trees is a perfect choice to begin a day on the island, as well as enjoy the first rays of the sunrise. Then, the first rays of the tropical sunshine magically bath the yet golden sandy dunes and the lush green vegetation.

A few hours later, when the sun appears high above the horizon of the sea you can spot the true colours of this tropical slice of paradise. The northernmost coast of Borneo is also fronted by a multitude of large islands, small islets and even just pieces of rocks that stretch over the vibrant blue waves of the sea.

You can spot the green scenery of these islands, which create absolutely contrasting silhouettes on the yet clear blue sky. Only the formless white clouds are situated high above everything in this idyllic tropical scenery, while the beaches always offer the best panoramic vistas to enjoy. The best thing is that the most fantastic and pristine beaches are remote and isolated by rocks, and so you will often have them all for yourself.

Just put your feet in the crisp sparkling waves of the sea, enjoy the humid salty breeze, and continue your walk with feet in the water. A fusion between water and sands creates the best natural spa therapy for your feet, while the cozy touch of the sun's hand creates the best natural spa therapy for your soul. An air temperature of often over 30 degrees Celsius alters the entire atmosphere with a wealth of sunny emotions, while the unsurpassed vistas of the tropical scenery might be an unsurpassed food for your imagination.

From the gorgeous dark shapes of the boats that look like pieces of trees or wooden piers in the sea, to the formless clouds that acquire plenty of forms or just they look like pieces of cotton - the scenery of northern Borneo is amazing. There are also fine sandy beaches that are situated in front large hotels and even huge luxury resort cities. They all enjoy a unique tropical charm with the mystical elegance of southern Asia.

Lankayan Island should be high on the agenda, because it is a fairytale tropical island. It is situated at only about a couple of dozens kilometers distance from the northeastern coast of Borneo, as well as easily accessible. Lankayan is a small island, which features an enormous variety. From tropical white sandy beaches that are fronted by crystal clear turquoise waters, to private luxury bungalows that are perched high atop the vibrant waves of the sea -  all these places help you to take a pick of the numerous exotic accommodations.

Lankayan is also a top diving destination, which means that you can stay right in the heart of perhaps the most beautiful water adventure in the world. A scuba diving or just a snorkeling tour is a way to enjoy the true water's pampering qualities, as well as explore an abundant maritime biodiversity. A beach on Lankayan Island is then the greatest choice to relax and unwind after your scuba diving adventure, while the shallowest areas of the coasts can make you thing that there is no limit between the sky and the infinite blue horizon of the sea.