Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Wonderful Wildlife of Borneo

The largest island of Asia, Borneo makes up three countries; Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

It is also home to some of the most interesting creatures and natural plants.

Containing the oldest rainforests in the world it is no wonder people travel from all corners of the earth for Borneo holidays to see the tropical forests and their ecosystems.

Along the scenic trails of Borneo lies land highly populated by a biodiversity of birds, animals and marine life.

Here to walk through waterfalls and hot springs is to walk alongside unusual wildlife, typically orang-utans and their surrounding natural habitats.

Tabin Wildlife Reserve

This natural wildlife reserve is easily reached from Lahad Datu, a two hour drive from the famous Kinabatangan River.

The safari experience takes you across some of the 300,000 acres of land that makes up the reserve, showing off large mammals such as elephants, rhinos and plenty of moose and deer.

The trails reveal the rich fauna, with over nine species of primates like gibbons and orang-utans as well as tropical and exotic bird life.

For such a large area it is advisable to give the reserve more than a day and for a unique experience it is possible to stay in high rise wooden lodges that let you live in the middle of nature, even if just for a night!

Selingan Turtle Island

The Turtle Island Park makes up the islands Selingan, Bakungan and Kecil from which Selingan Island is the largest.

By boat, an hour from Sandakan is a sanctuary for green and hawksbill turtles where a traveller’s experience is unique.

For an unforgettable memory take a tour down to the beach at night to see the endangered turtles lay their eggs by moonlight on the shore of the island, a better sight from July to October with calmer seas.

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