Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brooke ‘returns’ to Sarawak

KUCHING: Jason Brooke has always been fascinated by Sarawak, having grown up hearing stories about the place from his father and grandfather.

Now, the great-great-grandson of Sarawak’s second White Rajah, Charles Brooke, is here to see the place for himself.

“I used to approach my grandfather, Anthony Brooke, for his memories of Sarawak when I was young. I always bothered him for more and more stories,” he said when visiting the Sarakraf Pavilion here yesterday.

“They were mainly old stories about travelling upcountry and meeting people and, on one occasion, how he gave toys to small children.”

He added that his father, who lived in Sarawak as a baby in 1940, also maintained a great interest in the state.

“He told me stories when I was very young, and showed me the old flags and bits and pieces from Sarawak that he still possessed. So, it’s always been a great fascination for me.”

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