Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Road and river maps to boost Kapit tourism

KAPIT: The local Tourism Task Force Group (TTG) in a meeting held at the conference room of the State Office Complex at Jalan Bleteh on Tuesday morning proposed to have both road and river maps in the division in its effort to promote Kapit as a tourism destination centre in the region.

For the road map, it will cover all the areas accessible by road from the town and that will include Song and Belaga. Whereas the proposed river maps would include all the major rivers as Katibas, well-known for the communist ambush at Batu Babi, Baleh, (Ng Gaat) and the Batang Rajang including the legendary Pelagus rapids, Nanga Merit, Nanga Pila, Wong Mikai (the district boundary between Kapit and Belaga) and Belaga river.

“Those are among the future directions of TTG Kapit to promote tourism through the CAN (Culture, Adventure and Nature) for Kapit division. However then again the proposal depends on the question of available budget,” said Kapit Resident, Hang Tuah Merawin who is also the chairman of TTG Kapit at its meeting on Tuesday morning.

He pointed out that the road and river maps are vital to provide informative historical background at those respective areas so that when tourists come to those areas, they are able to know the significance of the events that happened there while at the same time also it would help to remind the local people to remember the historical sites and places in their respective areas.

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