Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Island paradise in Borneo

From TravelPod blog:

Sipadan. Sipadan. Sipadan. That is all you hear in these parts.

"You must go to Sipadan."(in a European accent) So we went to Sipadan.

The famous dive spot with barricuda schools, sharks, beautiful coral, giant sea turtles and too much more to mention. The resorts on this island got kicked off and it's now a national park.

We stayed at a neighboring island named, Mabul. We stayed at a hostel that was on stilts over the water, you could see water in the cracks of the floorboards.

The water was turquoise untill it turned blue in a perfect line a few hundred metres out and the sand was pure white. You can walk around the island in about 30 minutes.

There are about 6 hotels on the island and some locals. The locals are genuinely nice, always happy and smilling, not looking for a handout like Bali.

These schoolgirls walked by us and said, "picture" and they quickly got in a group for a photo and then walked away. I had to pinch myself because they didn't ask for any money.

In this respect Malaysia has been a great relief from Indonesia.

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