Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eating Out: Atmosfera cafe Kuching - Relax and enjoy your cuppa

Recognise this? Just as you were about to take the virginal sip of your anticipated latte, a child or a passer-by accidentally bumps into your chair, rudely jerking you from your seat killing “the” moment? It is not their fault, honestly, as coffee joints these days are crammed for space. To them, seating capabilities equals money. Therefore, the more customers they can seat, the more they can make.

Sadly, this business equation often compromises the customers’ comfort, which will slowly but surely taint their overall experience at the store. Nobody wants to have their Italian fashioned coffee, in a congested space.

The solution to these spacial deficiency is Atmosfera cafe.

Located just opposite The Spring shopping mall, Atmosfera cafe offers an ambience like no other. Glass panels which rise from the floor to the ceiling, and spread across the corner of the cafe instantly gives it and its diners a view of the outdoors. Aesthetically speaking, it is beyond beautiful.

On a recent trip to Atmosfera, I have brought along two willing friends to help me sample some of the offerings they have.

Alexandra Vasiliadis aka Alex, 19, and Naomi Craker, 23, from Melbourne, were two eager friends who were there to just get their coffee and chocolate fix while, as Naomi puts it, “escaping the daily grind.”

We were told that the popular smoothies in Atmosfera are the Mango and Pink Guava. We ordered the Mango.

It literally is made from fresh mangoes, blended to a thick milky consistency and topped with mango chunks.

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